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  1. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions
  2. Google Scholar can automatically calculate your h-index, you just need to set up a profile first. By default, Google Scholar profiles are public - allowing others to find you and see your publications and h-index
  3. Finding your h-index (Hirsch index) in Google Scholar Step 1 - Setting Up a Google Scholar Profile. To create a profile, you must log in to scholar.google.com with your ucar. Step 2 - Populating Your Profile. Google Scholar next presents groups of articles that it thinks may be yours, based on....

eLearning-Material: Wie finde ich (m)einen h-Index in Google Scholar? Link zum Walkthrough: https://mediatum.ub.tum.de/1179401. (link is external) Herkunft: erstellt von der UB der TUM. Sprache: deutsch. Geeignet für Experten The h-index can be manipulated through self-citations, and if based on Google Scholar output, then even computer-generated documents can be used for that purpose, e.g. using SCIgen. [30] The h -index can be manipulated by coercive citation , a practice in which an editor of a journal forces authors to add spurious citations to their own articles before the journal will agree to publish it Inzwischen kann der h -Index in vielen Zitationsdatenbanken ermittelt werden, z. B. in Google Scholar, wenn der Autor ein Profil hat. Beispiel mit unterschiedlichen Datenbasen Am Beispiel des theoretischen Physikers Stephen W. Hawking lässt sich der Einfluss der für die Ermittlung des h-Indexes verwendeten Datenbasis gut veranschaulichen

The list consist of the most highly cited researchers (h-index => 100) according to their public profile in the Google Scholar Citations database. The authors are ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria. Only living authors are included. Please inform us of the profiles of deceased researchers included. Unfortunately, Google Scholar does not publish a list of trusted sources. You can send a request using this form to ask Google to index your personal website as trusted (we know nothing about the selection criteria but if Google decides you are a scientist then your personal website will be crowded). When GS recognizes a website as being scientific it searches it for. This Cited by count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Add co-authors Co-authors. Upload PDF. PDF Restore Delete Forever. Follow this author . New articles by this author. New citations to this author. New articles related to this author's research. Email address for updates. Done. My profile My library.

Learn how to calculate your h-index on Google Scholar

Finding your h-index (Hirsch index) in Google Scholar

66. 2009. Analisis Diagnosis Pasien Kanker Payudara Menggunakan Regresi Logistik dan Support Vector Machine (SVM) Berdasarkan Hasil Mamografi Fourina Ayu Novianti dan Santi Wulan Purnami. FA Novianti, SW Purnami. Jurnal Sains dan Seni ITS 1 (1), D147-D152. , 2012. 41. 2012 Google Scholar: a profile must be created by an author before h-index can be provided by Google Scholar it is possible for an author to only have a h-index in one, Scopus or Google Scholar, and not the other Google Scholar h-index will generally be higher than Scopus h-index h-index is not calculated by CRO tea 1995. Regional income inequality in Indonesia and the initial impact of the economic crisis. T Akita. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 38 (2), 201-222. , 2002. 154. 2002. Inequality in the distribution of household expenditures in Indonesia: A Theil decomposition analysis. T Akita, RA Lukman, Y Yamada h-Index Selbst WOS SCOPUS google Scholar Harzing Publish or Perish Gabriele Kloska Juni 2017 . 25 . Anmerkung • Der h-Faktor ist kein absoluter Wert. Er wird beeinflusst durch die Anzahl der nachgewiesenen Publikationen, die Länge des gewählten Zeitraums und die Anzahl der nachgewiesenen Zitationen. • Daraus resultieren die unterschiedlichen h-Faktoren-Werte des selben Autors in WOS. Google Scholar h-index is helpful to browse the top 100 publications in several languages. By using this h-index number, you can view which articles in a publication were most cited and who cited them as well as the citations underlying the metrics. In addition to these, you can explore the publications in research area of interest. For that, you're required to go to the left column and.

Scholar H-Index Calculator is a bibliometric and citation analysis tool which works as an addon for Google Chrome putting additional insights on top of Google Scholar pages. USAGE: Just visit scholar.google.com and make queries. Enhanced information will pop up within the usual Google Scholar result pages. FEATURES: -Computes most common bibliometric indices over Google Scholar pages on-the. Google Scholar Citations lets you track citations to your publications over time

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Engineering a freehand 3D ultrasound system. A Gee, R Prager, G Treece, L Berman. Pattern Recognition Letters 24 (4-5), 757-777. , 2003. 166. 2003. Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging. RW Prager, UZ Ijaz, AH Gee, GM Treece. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Google Scholar PROF. ESSAM SALEH Consultant and Head of Otology & Cochlear Implant Department KIng Abdullah Medical City Makkah, Saudi Arabia Professor of Otolaryngology Alexandria Univeristy, Egypt Email: salehessam@yahoo.com Citations 1231h-index 22i10-index 27 Google Scholar Profile PROF. TAMER MESALLAMMD, PhDEditor-in-Chief, Saud Google Scholar ist eine Suchmaschine für wissenschaftliche Texte. Was in der normalen Google-Suche hinter Bezahlschranken verborgen bleibt, listet Google Scholar auf und führt Sie zu den entsprechenden Verlegern. Wir erklären Ihnen, welche Vorteile Google Scholar hat und wie die Suchmaschine funktioniert

Wie finde ich (m)einen h-Index in Google Scholar

Google Scholar; H-Index; Weiterlesen über Wie finde ich (m)einen h-Index in Google Scholar? Übungsblatt für den Kurs Informationskompetenz 1 - Online-Medien suchen und finden. Link: https://mediatum.ub.tum.de/node. Sprache: deutsch. Herkunft: erstellt von der UB der TUM. Geeignet für: Einsteiger . Materialtyp: Übungsblatt; Tags für eLearning-Material: Fernleihe; Gateway Bayern; Google. Results show that although the average h-index values in Google Scholar are almost 30% higher than those obtained in Web of Science, and about 15% higher than those collected by Scopus, there are no substantial changes in the rankings generated from one data source or the other What I have learned from my Google Scholar and H index. Adrian Furnham 1 Scientometrics volume 122, pages 1249 - 1254 (2020)Cite this article. 626 Accesses. 2 Citations. 11 Altmetric. Metrics details. Abstract. Following Hartley (Scientometrics 118:375-381, 2019) I attempted to draw lessons from my personal Google citations (> 100,000) by reviewing over 100,000 personal citations. The. Using a systematic comparison between the Google Scholar h-index and the ISI JIF for a sample of 838 journals in Economics & Business, we argue that the former provides a more accurate and comprehensive measure of journal impact This Cited by count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Add co-authors Co-authors. Upload PDF . PDF Restore Delete Forever. Follow this author. New articles by this author. New citations to this author. New articles related to this author's research. Email address for updates. Done. My profile My library.

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This Cited by count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. Add co-authors Co-authors. Upload PDF. PDF Restore Delete Forever. Follow this author. New articles by this author . New citations to this author. New articles related to this author's research. Email address for updates. Done. My profile My library. ‪Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck‬ - ‪‪24.259-mal zitiert‬

‪Google Research‬ - ‪‪Cited by 136‬‬ - ‪Artificial Intelligence‬ - ‪Cognitive Neuroscience‬ - ‪Brain-Computer Interfaces‬ - ‪Astronomy‬ - ‪Computing‬ Citations per year. Duplicate citations. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Merged citations. This Cited by count includes citations to. Extracts publication title, most relevant web link, PDF link, number of citations, number of online versions, link to Google Scholar's article cluster for the work, Google Scholar's cluster of all works referencing the publication, and excerpt of content. Extracts total number of hits as reported by Scholar (new in version 2.5) Supports the full range of advanced query options provided by. ‪The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies‬ - ‪‪9.508-mal zitiert‬‬ - ‪economy‬ - ‪international trade‬ - ‪marketing‬ - ‪consumer behavior‬ - ‪business ethics ‪Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Salzburg, Austria‬ - ‪Computer Vision‬ - ‪Machine Learning‬ - ‪Medical Imaging The h-index is short for the Hirsch index, which was introduced by Jorge E. Hirsch (2005) as a way to quantify the productivity and impact of an individual author. Similar to how the IF is now be..

Calculating journal h-index using Google Scholar Metrics type in the title of the journal - you may need to try more than one spelling (e.g. with or without ampersand, alternate... the h5-index and h5-median will appear if available; select the hyperlinked h5-index to view the h5-core (articles. We propose a new data source (Google Scholar) and metric (Hirsch's h‐index) to assess journal impact in the field of economics and business Generically, Google Scholar inflates the number of citations (and hence, the h-index) with respect to SCOPUS or ISI Web of Knowledge. As a referee, it is difficult to compare two applications using.. ‪ret. Assistenzprofessor für Pädagogik und Psychologie, Universität Linz‬ - ‪‪682-mal zitiert‬‬ - ‪Lernen‬ - ‪Entwicklungspsychologie‬ - ‪Psychologische Tests‬ - ‪Lernpsychologie Jawaban singkatnya: Tidak ada perbedaan cara menghitung rumus H-Index. Perbedaan terletak di artikel-artikel mana saja yang masuk ke database Google Scholar, database Scopus, maupun database Web of Science.. H-index sendiri ditentukan oleh sejumlah h makalah yang memiliki minimal h sitasi

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Google Scholar Citations is an author profile service provided by Google, where researchers can create and maintain their own account (gmail account) and add their publications found through the Google Scholar search. The profile shows the number of times the publication has been cited and an automatically computed h-index H-Index; Tutorials; Text/Data Mining for Citation Indexes; Introduction Google Scholar has both benefits and limitations when it comes to citation analysis. Benefits: It's free; It's fast; It will most likely offers a higher number of documents which have cited a work. It offers a almost unlimited universe of content. Whatever has been cited by another work on the web and can be collected by. Dieser Wert bei Zitiert von enthält Zitate der folgenden Artikel in Scholar. Die mit * markierten Artikel sind möglicherweise nicht mit dem Artikel im Nutzerprofil identisch

‪EPFL‬ - ‪Cité(e) 136 651 fois‬ - ‪solar energy‬ Les articles suivants sont fusionnés dans Google Scholar. Les citations de ces articles ne sont comptabilisées que pour le premier article Journal h-index (Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science) Search this Guide Search. Metrics and Impact: Journal h-index (Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science) Home; Overview; Author metrics; InCites; Journal metrics; The cite cycle; Altmetrics; Impact; Help & FAQs; The requested page is not currently available due to visibility settings. Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021 4:41 PM; URL: https://guides. Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Released in beta in November 2004, the Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed online academic journals and books, conference papers, theses and dissertations, preprints, abstracts, technical reports, and other.

‪Canadian Center of Science and Education‬ - ‪‪Cited by 2,088‬‬ - ‪environmental assessment and management‬ - ‪environmental health and education‬ - ‪environmental science and engineering‬ - ‪urban and regional landscape design‬ - ‪environment and sustainable development ‪University of Zürich, Switzerland‬ - ‪‪171-mal zitiert‬‬ - ‪Marketing‬ - ‪Branding‬ - ‪Customer-Relationship Management scholar. The scholar R package provides functions to extract citation data from Google Scholar.In addition to retrieving basic information about a single scholar, the package also allows you to compare multiple scholars and predict future h-index values My h-index is 7 with the general search function, 12 with the cited reference function and 15 with Google Scholar. Differences will not be as dramatic for all scholars, but many academics show a substantially higher number of citations in Google Scholar than in the Web of Science ‪Professor of Tourism and Service Management, University of St. Gallen‬ - ‪4.399-mal zitiert‬ - ‪Consumer Behaviour‬ - ‪Business Models‬ - ‪Management‬ - ‪Destination Management‬ - ‪Marketing

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H-Index Calculator for iOS - Free download and softwareRoderick Hunter — University of Huddersfield Research Portal

Highly Cited Researchers (h>100) according to their Google

Locating h-index in Google scholar 1. Locate your h-index in Google Scholar June 2018 UCT Bibliometrics Working Group research-impact-&-visibility@vula.uct.ac.za 2. Section title: sub-section • To search for your h-index, you would need to first create a Google Scholar Profile. See How to set up Google Scholar Profile slides. 3 Scholar Metrics provide an easy way for authors to quickly gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications. Today, we are releasing the 2020 version of Scholar Metrics.This release covers articles published in 2015-2019 and includes citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of June 2020

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Jacso, P.,2008 Testing the Calculation of a Realistic h-Index in Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science for F. W. Lancaster. Library Trends, 56, 784-815. Jacso, P. T., 2008.The pros and cons of computing the h-index using Google scholar. Online Information Review, 32, 437-452. Meho, L. I. and Yang, K., 2007. Impact of data sources on citation counts and rankings of LIS faculty: Web of. Scopus, WOS, and Google Scholar provided different h-index ratings for authors and each database found unique and duplicate citing references. Conclusions. More than one tool should be used to calculate the h-index for nursing faculty because one tool alone cannot be relied on to provide a thorough assessment of a researcher's impact. If researchers are interested in a comprehensive h-index. Google Scholar searches for scholarly material including books, journal articles, conference papers, chapters, and theses on a wide range of subjects. Results are sorted by relevance, based on fulltext matching, where it was published, who wrote it, and how often it has been cited. Please note, the tips and tricks described in this guide are subject to change. Default search settings include.

A Google Scholar profile is a very simple way of collating your publications (and citations to them) so that others can find your work and often find an accessible copy that they can read. Once you have set up the profile, you can choose automatic updates so you don't need to spend a lot of time updating your publications list. If you create a Google Scholar profile, your profile will come. H-Index Scopus, WoS & Google Scholars. by Deris Stiawan on November 2, 2013 . Saat ini di UNSRI sedang hangat tentang perhitungan H-Index dan jumlah paper dosen UNSRI di Internasional, dari hasil pencarian singkat didapatkan perbedaan antara jumlah H-Index di Google Scholars, WoS dan SCOPUS, hal ini disebabkan oleh bebeberapa point, diantaranya Google Scholar Citations is a citation service provided free of charge. It is easy to set up, especially if you already have a Google account. Like other citation tracking services, it tracks academic articles, but it also counts theses, book titles and other documents towards author citation metrics Pengukuran produktivitas publikasi ilmiah pada Google Scholar menggunakan rumus h-index didasarkan pada jumlah karya ilmiah yang dihasilkan dan jumlah sitasi yang diterima dari publikasi lain. Indeks-h merupakan sebuah tolok ukur akademisi bagi peningkatan produktivitas publikasi ilmiah. Seorang akademisi memiliki indeks-h jika ia memiliki paper sebanyak h dengan jumlah kutipan untuk setiap. Google Scholar: Can it Really Be Used for Bibliometrics? by Isobel Stark and Michael Whitton, University of Southampton. Presentation at the Research Evaluati

‪Research Scientist, Google Brain‬ - ‪‪Cited by 89,768‬‬ - ‪Machine Learning‬ - ‪Deep Learning‬ - ‪Neural Networks‬ - ‪Variational Inference‬ - ‪Identifiability ‪Research Scientist, Google AI‬ - ‪‪Cited by 2,492‬‬ - ‪Deep Learning‬ - ‪Natural Language Processing‬ - ‪Artificial Intelligence‬ - ‪Machine Learning ‪Chief Scientist for Intelligent Systems, Intel‬ - ‪‪Cited by 26,386‬‬ - ‪computer vision‬ - ‪machine learning‬ - ‪robotics‬ - ‪computer graphics

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Cristina Maria Nobre Sobral de Vilhena da Cruz HoughtonMatthias Mann | Max Planck Institute of BiochemistryJoão Pedro Nunes - User - CE3CRanking de investigadores españoles en Google ScholarMichael Wimmer - QuTechProfessor Andrew Kemp - Swansea University
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