Das der Firefox seltsame Fehlermeldungen ausspuckt. Seit es Firefox 69 gibt, kann man statt der Adminoberfläche seiner Fritz!box nur noch einen mysteriösen, bis Dato unbekannten, SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE Fehler sehen: Fehler: Gesicherte Verbindung fehlgeschlagen. Beim Verbinden mit fritz.box trat ein Fehler auf I saw a SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE error in the browser. Solution. This is because Firefox is not utilizing the Windows certificate store, so I have to force it to do so. Open the Firefox settings by going to about:config; Search for security.enterprise_roots.enabled; Ensure that the setting is set to true @jimp said in SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE when accessing the webGUI from Firefox: We have seen some recent browser updates fail when a non-server cert is used for the GUI. Some non-SAN certs started failing years ago. You can make a fresh GUI cert from the console with current best defaults with pfSsh.php playback generateguicer

Mozilla veröffentlicht Firefox 85.0.2 und behebt Startproblem von soeren-hentzschel.at Update von Kdenlive von gnulinux.ch Nitrokey stellt das NitroPad T430 vor von linuxnews.d I figured that I would post this in case someone may know the answer. I have a small server at home that is using a self-signed certificate. Firefox used to give a warning about this and then let you accept the certificate. However, newer versions just block the site without being able to override the warning Firefox displays SSL Error: SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE when using self-signed certificate. When using self-signed certificates, and accessing your web contents with the Firefox browser, you may get a strange error message SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE

Firefox, die Fritz!box & der SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY


Description of problem: Looks like Firefox 3 isn't accepting self-signed certificates anymore - There is no way to add this ip to the exception list that I have found. Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): firefox-3.0-0.beta4.1.el5 How reproducible: Always Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open this URL 2. 3. Behebt ein Problem in dem Firefox HTTPS-Sites nicht öffnen kann, obwohl das Family Safety-Zertifikat installiert ist. Dieses Problem tritt nach der Installation von Update 2965142 in Windows 8.1 oder Windows RT 8.1 Ihre Startseite in Firefox ist plötzlich Bing, obwohl Sie das gar nicht eingestellt haben? Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie sie ganz einfach wieder entfernen. Klicken Sie zunächst in Firefox auf den.


Firefox, die Fritz!Box & der SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY

User-Agent Switcher für Firefox 0.2.7 Deutsch: Das kostenlose Firefox-Add-on User-Agent Switcher ändert die Browserkennung I got the following error code: sec_error_inadequate_key_usage. The solution was to set security.use_mozillapkix_verification to false under about:config. For an explanation, please see: Exciting Updates to Certificate Verification in Gecko and Security certificate no longer valid after upgrading to latest FF


  1. So, my school uses a program called GoGuardian. I have a school-issued Chromebook with GoGuardian and a MacBook pro without it. We use Google Meet to attend class, and I usually use my Mac to join, as it has a better connection
  2. Fixes an issue in which Firefox cannot open HTTPS sites even though the Family Safety certificate is installed. This issue occurs after you install update 2965142 in Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1
  3. Also, the site specific user-agent override feature in Firefox was removed once before. I was not aware that the feature was again introduced later. Anon said on December 11, 2019 at 9:04 am. Reply. This is a very bad move from Mozilla. Changing user-agent per site should be the most basic browser functionality and I can't figure out why Mozilla decided to remove it. Iron Heart said on.
  4. For this very reason, if you try to browse with Mozilla Firefox to an address like (for example), you'll get the following message: This address is restricted. This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has canceled the request for your protection


  1. Firefox's password manager won't fill out the information automatically, so that you need to do so manually in some way. This may be the sane thing to do on new sites, but if you are a regular on a site that has not just yet switched to HTTPS, you may trust the site enough to want Firefox to continue filling out the information to improve the process. The second issue is not as dramatic.
  2. How to override Ctrl + N in firefox to launch AJAX. 0. Override Cmd+Shift+[ in Chrome? Related. 3262. Checking if a key exists in a JavaScript object? 1735. Disable same origin policy in Chrome. 1170. How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser? 1647. Disabling Chrome cache for website development . 1396. Getting Chrome to accept self-signed localhost certificate.
  3. Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to override security protocols browsers have instituted as they are designed to keep you safe on the internet (in the less likely to be hacked sense). However, with a recent update to Firefox 34, a website I use all the time for my research that is run by my university was no longer allowing me to . Instead, I was receiving this message: Since I.
  4. How to override the content security policy for development purposes? This would be really useful for quick testing. I might want to convert the script I am writing to a browser extension later on. Note (update): I am writing the script over an existing website and do not have control over setting the Content-Security-Policy header. javascript browser-extension content-security-policy browser.
  5. Mozilla has delayed the mandatory sign-in requirement until Firefox 46 - at which point the override (which has worked well for us) will allegedly become ineffective. Discontinuing this workaround is just plain unnecessary. The requirement for add-ons to be signed is designed to banish once and for all crooked add-ons. For the vast majority of computer users, this is a fine idea. But for.
  6. The reason I added the rename and delete lines is because I couldn't find a way to overwrite the file once I had removed the proxy line. I'm sure there is a more efficient/safer way of doing this... Share. Improve this answer . Follow edited Dec 31 '20 at 20:05. community wiki 2 revs, 2 users 98% xBoarder. 2. 3. I never knew that something like cd *.default* is possible -- Even better: pushd.
  7. I have a dark GTK theme installed in my Ubuntu 10.10 install and a persona installed for Firefox that I also like. The problem is that Firefox is using my dark GTK theme for items like buttons and text fields on common web pages, and this commonly creates unreadable menus, text areas, and buttons

But the Firefox Profile Manager only allows you to create a new profile or quit. Losing tons of valuable data is not an option. This could be a valid warning if someone uses an old, untouched pre-Firefox 67 profile, but not otherwise. Solution. Luckily, the fix for this bug is simple: launch the Firefox Profile Manager with an environment variable or use a runtime flag that overrides the. There are good uses for !important.Like a browser- or site-wide style override from a Stylish, AdBlock, or uBlock script. Or when you have no reasonably easy access to the base CSS, which may be very complex, spread through many files, and change over time (and may also use !important).Like any tool, the positive or negative potential is based on how you use it No se puede abrir la página de inicio de sesión del portal cautivo utilizando el último navegador Firefox con Error: SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE; Todos los demás navegadores, incluidos los últimos Microsoft Edge y Google Chrome, que muestran el problema que muestra la página de inicio de sesión de C

To override new tabs, use chrome_url_overrides instead. This is a localizable property. search_provider: Object: Defines a search provider to add to the browser. The search provider has a name and a primary search URL. Alternative URLs may be provided, including URLs for more specialized searches like image search If your default browser is Firefox and you want to open a specific site with Internet Explorer, add the following to the Notes field: Url-Override: cmd://{INTERNETEXPLORER} {URL} KeePass will open Internet Explorer and pass the data from the URL field as the parameter. This uses a placeholder to find Internet Explorer. Globally changing the URL behavior: If you want to change the default URL.

firefox-cert-override is a Python library and CLI utility for reading and writing cert_override.txt files.. cert_override.txt is located at the root of a Firefox profile directory and stores the per-domain certificate overrides for that profile. When you permanently add an exception for Firefox to trust a certificate for a specific domain, Firefox adds an entry to cert_override.txt, and will. SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE : A certificate has a key usage extension that does not assert a required usage : Re-generate the certificate with the appropriate key usage values SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ALGORITHM : A certificate has been signed with an unknown algorithm : Re-sign the certificate with a standardized certificate signing algorith The connection to this website was interrupted while the page was loading. The page you are trying to cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verifie New Tab Override benötigt verschiedene Berechtigungen, um ordnungsgemäß zu funktionieren. Manche Berechtigungen sind zwingend erforderlich, manche sind optional. Für volle Transparenz listet diese Übersicht auch benötigte Berechtigungen auf, welche Firefox nicht anzeigt. Zwingend erforderliche Berechtigungen cert_override.txt is a text file generated in the user profile to store certificate exceptions specified by the user. This file is used by Firefox, Thunderbird, and other XUL-based applications. Since there is no way to add easily an exception in a XULRunner 1.9 project, you can open the page in Firefox, accept the certificate, then copy the cert_override.txt to the XULRunner application profile

I keep getting this error : SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE

Read about new Firefox features and ways to stay safe online. Release Notes. Get the details on the latest Firefox updates. View all Firefox Browsers. Products. Close Products menu. Firefox Monitor. See if your email has appeared in a company's data breach. Facebook Container. Help prevent Facebook from collecting your data outside their site. Pocket. Save and discover the best stories from. The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations.The correct title is general.useragent.locale. This article describes the preference general.useragent.locale.To add, delete, or modify this preference, you will need to edit your configuration — do not edit this article firefox-cert-override. firefox-cert-override is a Python library and CLI utility for reading and writing cert_override.txt files.. cert_override.txt is located at the root of a Firefox profile directory and stores the per-domain certificate overrides for that profile. When you permanently add an exception for Firefox to trust a certificate for a specific domain, Firefox adds an entry to cert. Local Overrides is a relatively new experimental feature of the Developer Tools of the Google Chrome web browser that you may use to make permanent changes to web pages similar to how you'd do so using userscripts or userstyles. While most users may not want to modify style or other content on web pages they visit regularly; some users want to do so to remove annoyances, improve usability or. Easily override the browser's User-Agent string. Nur in Firefox - Laden Sie Firefox jetzt herunter. Datei herunterladen. Metadaten zur Erweiterung. Verwendet von. 61.471 Nutzer 356 Bewertungen . Bewertet mit 4,4 von 5 Sternen. 4,4 Sterne. 5. 250. 4. 52. 3. 24. 2. 12. 1. 18. Screenshots. Über diese Erweiterung. Easily pose as another browser by changing the User-Agent header.* Pretending to.

This makes it easy to see which rule is overriding the declaration: View @media rules for Print. You can toggle the display into a mode that emulates @media rules for print. When on, any rules defined for printing the page will be displayed similar to the Print Preview mode that many word processing applications provide. View @media rules for color-scheme-preference. As of Firefox 72, you. New Tab Override für Firefox 15.0.0 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Browser finden Sie bei computerbild.de Firefox Browser Version 73.0.1 (64-Bit) Sowohl Windows- als auch Mac OS-Umgebung; Cause. Firefox-Browser unterstützt keine SSL-Zertifikate, die auch selbstsignierte Root-CA sind. Für die Captive Portal-Umleitung wurde ein selbstsigniertes SSL-Zertifikat von PA-VM konfiguriert. Resolutio Damit ist New Tab Override auch zu Firefox 57 und neuer kompatibel. Nicht alle Optionen der Vorgänger-Version sind derzeit als WebExtension umsetzbar. Sobald Mozilla die Unterstützung für fehlende Funktionen in Firefox ergänzt, werden diese als Update von New Tab Override nachgereicht. Nutzer bisheriger Versionen von New Tab Override müssen die Erweiterung neu konfigurieren. Nach dem.

1611381 - Cannot bypass SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE or

Video: Firefox reports 'sec_error_inadequate_key_usage' when


I found out that it would work with Firefox version 24.2.0 (ESR) but also not with IE (10.0.28). No one has similar certificate problems How to override the Firefox Add-on Signing requirement !!!!! >>>>> So easy to perform and yet : how on Earth did the finder discover that one?! I've had several small add-ons that had to be removed because of the signing requirement. There are other add-ons on AMO I wish to modify for my tastes. Generally speaking this trick, work-around is great news because it appears as oxygen. New Tab Override ist eine Erweiterung zum Ersetzen der Seite, welche beim Öffnen eines neuen Tabs in Firefox erscheint. Die beliebte Erweiterung ist nun in Version 15.0 erschienen und kommt mit drei neuen Features sowie einer weiteren Übersetzung Use the chrome_url_overrides key to provide a custom replacement for the documents loaded into various special pages usually provided by the browser itself. Syntax. The chrome_url_overrides key is an object that may have the following properties: Name Type Description; bookmarks: String: Provide a replacement for the page that shows the bookmarks. history: String: Provide a replacement for the. If you are using a WebDAV server with a self-signed certificate, you can open the WebDAV URL in Firefox, accept the certificate, and then copy the cert_override.txt file from the Firefox profile directory to the Zotero profile directory

Firefox ignores setting for new-tabs default page after Overriding Chrome pages - Chrome Developers. Need a Replacement Firefox Addon: Check Out Our Guide Here Meet The New Tab Override Download to Windows Grátis. Customize Chrome's New Tab Page in 30 Seconds | by Karen Using the Pocket Must Reads Extension in Chrome - Pocket Support. Mozilla removes option to change New Tab Page. Firefox - This address is restricted - Override Fix. April 16, 2019 - by Ryan - 2 Comments. 9.5K. Mozilla Firefox is definitely a great browser and the developers community put a lot of effort on the security aspects, preventing malicious software and/or attackers from doing any harm to their users. Among the various security limitations.

Here is how you disable the this connection is not secure warning in Firefox: Load about:config in the Firefox address bar and hit the Enter-key. Search for security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled. Double-click the preference Die Anmeldeseite des Captive Portals kann nicht mit dem neuesten Firefox-Browser geöffnet werden mit Fehler: SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE; Alle anderen Browser, einschließlich der neuesten Microsoft Edge und Google Chrome zeigt auf Problem, das die CP-Anmeldeseit

Each protocol's handler can override this blocking for itself in order to enable the required access for that protocol. Potential Problems caused by Port Blocking. Port blocking can cause problems if a site or web application requires access to one of the ports which is blocked in Mozilla. If a user attempts to access a URI on a blocked port, Mozilla shows one of the following alerts to the. After applying the RHSA-2014:1919 security update, Firefox will no longer establish HTTPS connections using the outdated SSL 3.0 protocol version because the SSL 3.0 protocol is considered insecure. Red Hat recognizes that customers may need to connect to legacy devices which support SSL 3.0 only, and not the fixed TLS versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2. This document describes steps to re-enable SSL 3.0.

Using an older version of Firefox can corrupt bookmarks and browsing history already saved in your existing FireFox profile. To protect your information, create a new profile for this installation of firefox We've been seeing it non stop at work for the past two weeks, it seems like it's when it's upgraded from 67 > 68. I have it happening on. firefox only problem or a https proxy problem? Re: How to bypass connection untrusted block? Lu Wei: 10/26/12 6:23 AM: On 2012-10-26 11:58, Redhat71 wrote: > don't know anything about cert > > btw, have you tried any other browser, with the same proxy? i.e. is it a > firefox only problem or a https proxy problem? You reminded me of IE, yes, IE is fine. And this time Firefox managed to get. Open Firefox, click the Library icon and select History > Clear Recent History. In the Clear All History window, set the Time range to clear drop-down menu to Everything. Next, expand the Details menu and uncheck every option except for Site Preferences. Click the Clear Now button to clear all site preferences including the HSTS settings. Reboot Firefox and see if the issue has been resolved.

1590217 - FF presents SSL Error: SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY

To update the firefox browser to the latest version go to Menu->Help->About Firefox. Here click Check for updates and if the update is there then click to update your Firefox browser. Also it is good practice to keep your firefox updated as to remain secure, bugs free and for better performance The use of Mozilla Firefox About: commands in the Firefox Quantum browser is really very simple. We have mentioned all the Firefox about Easter egg features or you can say Firefox about commands in the single page of this article those you can use to perform operations and config tasks. Basically, the About commands are URL those are linked with the internal configuration and functionality. Firefox - Override DNS in Firefox. dns firefox hosts-file. I'm looking for a way to override DNS entries in Firefox, for development/testing purposes. I know the normal way to do this is via the hosts file, but I cannot edit it since I don't have admin access on my work machine. Does anyone know of a browser plugin/addon which would do this for me? I did find the SwitchHosts add-on, although.

LeechBlock NG (Next Generation) for Firefox is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them. - proginosko/LeechBlockN You can override any website with your font choices in Firefox. Open the Tools->Options menu. Select the Content tab. Click the Advanced button in the Fonts & Colors section cert_override.txt is located at the root of a Firefox profile directory and stores the per-domain certificate overrides for that profile. When you permanently add an exception for Firefox to trust a certificate for a specific domain, Firefox adds an entry to cert_override.txt, and will read it on startup in the future to load the override again Let's know 'your connection is not secure Firefox how to solve methods' it in the next section-Go To 'Advanced' Tab: If you click on 'Advanced', you get more information related to the connection. It also defines why it is on the list of not secure connection. Depending on the site and network insecurity, you probably get these messages- The certificate will not be valid until a.

Browser.ssl override behavior. From MozillaZine Knowledge Base. The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is browser.ssl_override_behavior. This article describes the preference browser.ssl_override_behavior. To add, delete, or modify this preference, you will need to edit your configuration. Is there any Firefox plugin that allows to change how Firefox perform name resolution? I want to override the system-wide hostname resolver to attach some IP to certain hostnames. Let me explain. Let's say I'm developing a new website and I want to test using the actual hostname but my site is run by a local webserver, I'd like to do this Python. selenium.webdriver.FirefoxProfile () Examples. The following are 30 code examples for showing how to use selenium.webdriver.FirefoxProfile () . These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the. Override Fonts Used By Websites & Set Your Own Text Preferences [Firefox] by Fatima Wahab; Jul 6, 2015 ; No Comments; Websites, particularly those that feature text-based content instead of videos or images make it a point to be easy to read. Not all websites are that considerate though and some do choose down-right terrible fonts. Fortunately, with typography becoming more and more important. In the past we put a cert_override.txt into the default profile, which contained all the certificates used in our company. We do not install Firefox on client computers, but only create a link on the desktops, which show to our central installation located on a globally accessible fileshare. Even if there is no link on the desktop, each user.

The time zone of your system can be used in browser fingerprinting. To set Firefox's time zone to UTC launch it as: $ TZ=UTC firefox Or, set a script to launch the above (for example, at /usr/local/bin/firefox). Change user agent and platform. You can override Firefox's user agent with the general.useragent.override preference in about:config Hey can someone help me out here. I am having an issue trying to deploy Firefox to our Labs and classrooms. I can push out the Front Motion Version MSI with SCCM but then every new user gets the Import Wizard Solution 3: Checking Firefox configuration file. If both the above methods don't work for you, we can try to check your Firefox configurations and check if any module of TLS and SSL3 is disabled. If it is, we will try enabling it and try accessing the website again. These modules can get changed in their operations all the time so nothing to worry about. Open a new window in Firefox and.

New Tab Override (browser.newtab.url replacement for Firefox 41+)Bislang konnte die Seite, welche beim Öffnen eines neuen Tabs erscheint, über about:config geändert werden. Diese Möglichkeit entfernt Mozilla mit Firefox 41, da diese Einstellung - wi Alternately, users can create the numeric preference ui.systemUsesDarkTheme to override the default behavior and return light (value: 0), dark (value: 1), or no-preference (value: 2). (Any other value causes Firefox to return light.) The prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature is used to detect if the user has requested the system use a light or dark color theme. Syntax light Indicates that.

Firefox has the ability to customise installations using a configuration file called mozilla.cfg. This file sits in the Firefox install directory, and each time Firefox is loaded it's checked for any custom configurations that have been added. What settings are available? There are a huge number of settings avaible - these can be viewed by entering about:config into the Firefox address bar. Table of contents. Table of contents. Allowable properties. Syntax. Examples. Specifications. Browser compatibility. See also. The ::markerCSSpseudo-elementselects the marker box of a list item, which typically contains a bullet or number New Tab Override ist eine von ungefähr hundert Erweiterungen, welche Mozilla ausgewählt hat. Im neuen Add-on Manager, den Mozilla mit Firefox 68 ausliefert, erscheint ab dieser Version daher eine besondere Kennzeichnung für New Tab Override. Der Beitrag New Tab Override 14.3 veröffentlicht erschien zuerst auf soeren-hentzschel.at

Firefox error SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE · Issue #1479

Create a temporary working folder (for example, create C:\TEMP\Firefox) Create a new text file called 'override.ini' and copy in the following information: [XRE] EnableProfileMigrator=false. Create a new text file called 'local-settings.js' and copy in the folling information: pref (general.config.obscure_value, 0) 让firefox对web服务器伪装成任意浏览器,找一个iphone的useragent,瞬间firefox变身iPhone有木有,一般人我不告诉他嘿嘿 1.firefox地址栏中输入about:config回车,然后点击我保证会小心按钮 2.在页面中的搜索框里输入general.useragent.override,如果下面有值,则可以双击修改 Select Add Exception Result: A message appears, You are about to override how Firefox handles certificates Press Get Certificate. Press Confirm Security Exception Result: A confirm window appears. Press Resend. Result: The site you are attempting to access should now be displayed. Still having trouble

I don't like Firefox so I don't want to send info about such browser to the world (in useragent string). Unfortunately some pages I must use are set to cooperate with firefox and IE only. I've managed with this: 1) by setting general.useragent.site_specific_overrides to TRUE (AFAIR it was default), 2) and adding general.useragent.override.[site_address] with value Mozilla/5.0 (Windows. How to enable in Mozilla Firefox: Open Firefox and click on the menu button at top right (similar to Chrome's). Click Add-ons and shift to the Plugins tab. Select the Java ™ Platform plugin. Click on the always activate button. Reload the Page via Bypassing/Clearing the Cache. Hold the Shift key and click Reload. Press CTRL + F5 simultaneously. If this didn't work, you should try to. Startup.homepage override url. From MozillaZine Knowledge Base. The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is startup.homepage_override_url. This article describes the preference startup.homepage_override_url. To add, delete, or modify this preference, you will need to edit your configuration. I have a sample cert from the Google Android SDK that works perfectly fine with March 2014 Firefox Nightly... but when I try to generate my own cert using BouncyCastle - I keep getting rejected. I'm hoping that someone with more experience can glance at the toString of the two certs and give me a hint what attribute or such I'm doing wrong

Firefox: Proxy-Server verweigert die Verbindung: Lösungen und Hilfe. Der genaue Wortlaut der Fehlermeldung ist: Fehler: Proxy-Server verweigert die Verbindung. Firefox wurde konfiguriert, einen. Override Cfmenu CSS (Firefox Bug) rdhelms. May 04, 2010. Copy link to clipboard. Copied. Got a little bit of a reverse problem today. Usually I have problems with things rendering wrong in IE and work in Firefox. Not today. I have a menu, below it is a flash form AUR : firefox-new-tab-override.git: AUR Package Repositories | click here to return to the package base details page: summary log tree commit diff stats: diff options. context: space: mode: author: Frederic Bezies: 2020-01-04 12:36:20 +0100 : committer: Frederic Bezies: 2020-01-04 12:36:20 +0100. The increasingly missing overrides even for advanced users and lack of proper information on what is going on show that the security of what you call bottom feeders is not their main concern here. For instance mobile Firefox was now released without any way to disable Google download and browsing protection for advanced users. Google gets to know what you download and can track specific. This shortcut overrides the cache forcing the page to reaload from the source instead of relying on the cache (local or remote). Reload (override cache) CTRL+SHIFT+R for Firefox. CTRL+F5 for IE. Post navigation. ← Skype installation on Suse SLED Technology for the greater good →

Possible values and their effects. The browser's milestone (e.g., rv: from the last successful startup of the browser. If it differs from the browser's actual milestone, it is assumed an upgrade has occurred, and the user is redirected to the homepage override URL.If its value is ignore, then the redirect does not occur and the preference is not updated Firefox overrides DNS settings? 3 posts / 0 new . Log in or register to post comments . Last post. February 11, 2019 - 6:43am #1. kml. Offline . Last seen: 1 year 11 months ago . Joined: 2019-02-11 06:36 . Firefox overrides DNS settings? Hi, I'm trying to figure out the DNS settings in Firefox. In theory it should take windows DNS settings, but I've found that it's not that simple. I have an. AUR : firefox-new-tab-override.git: AUR Package Repositories | click here to return to the package base details page: summary log tree commit diff stats: diff options. context: space: mode: author: Daniel M. Capella: 2017-10-17 00:16:16 -0400 : committer: Daniel M. Capella: 2017-10-17 00:16:16 -0400. AUR : firefox-new-tab-override.git: AUR Package Repositories | click here to return to the package base details page: summary log tree commit diff stats: diff options. context: space: mode: author: Daniel M. Capella: 2016-11-14 14:13:21 -0500 : committer: Daniel M. Capella: 2016-11-14 14:13:21 -0500. I am currently using a self-signed certificate that I don't have the option of re-generating, and every time I install our software on a target machine, the first time Firefox is opened to our homepage, there is an untrusted page where we have to create an exception for the page. I would like to avoid this, and the cert_override.txt file that is part of the user profile unfortunately can't.

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