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  3. I couldn't believe it when I saw a full set of 192 companion gear as a reward for a simple weekly. I was wondering if this was WAI, but apparently so. All the work that some put into gearing up companions with basic comm186 gear, now you can get a full set of 192 for a half-hour's work. i haven't seen the look of the non-droid companion gear yet, if it looks dumb I'll probably stick with what.
  4. Yavin companion gear. Question. Close. 1. Posted by. ToFN. 5 years ago. Archived. Yavin companion gear. Question. Anyone got a link to pics of the companion gear sets available through doing Yavin weekly? Can't seem to find a guide. 10 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived.
  5. The final resting place of the Ancient Sith Lord, Naga Sadow, Jedi Knight Barel Ovair and his Padawan, Eison Gynt, visited Yavin 4 in 103 BTC to investigate the tomb of Sadow, their they were attacked and defeated by Massassi and driven deep into the tomb of Naga Sadow, somehow Ovair managed to escape. It later emerged that Gynt was possessed by.
  6. SWTOR Yavin 4 Missions and Dallies Guide.[toc] Main Missions Story Cutscenes (spoilers) Confederacy The Devoted Ones Fates Unsealed The Enemy Within Dallies and Weeklies [DAILY] Confederacy [DAILY] The Devoted Ones [DAILY] Chopping Block [DAILY] Pushback [DAILY] Training Regimen [DAILY] Altars of History [DAILY] Hunters Hunted [DAILY] Pathfinding [WEEKLY] The Enemy Within [WEEKLY] Spirit of.
  7. SWTOR Yavin 4 Exploration Achievements guide. This achievement series can be found under Achievements -> Location -> Yavin 4. [toc] Broken Lance Lance Squadron Command Unit - West end of Training Grounds Part of Walking on Hallowed Grounds weekly, 10 mil HP, requires ~16m raid Lance Squadron Unit 1 = Patrols NW middle area of [

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Kira was mentioned by Master Ranos in the recruitment mission for that companion. Later she was mentioned a second time in Update 5.6 by Darth Hexid. In Spring of 2018 Kira was announced as expected to return in the Summer update (July). Later this statement was overruled and now there is no current date for this companion yet SWTOR Yavin 4 Reputation vendor items. Yavin 4 Reputation vendor can be found near the Basic Commendation vendors in Coalition Staging Ground.[toc] Newcomer Reputation Jungle Treek Customization 100,000 credits Bind to Legacy Yavin Temple Obelisk 30,000 credits Schematic: Deep Green and White Dye Module 100,000 credits 500 Artifice Bind on Pickup Hero Reputation Shield Warden [ SWTOR Companion Customizations. You can change the look of your companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic by equipping them with a companion customization. If you are new to the game, you can learn about how companions work first. 2V-R8; Akaavi Spar; Akk Dog; Andronikos Revel; Arcann; Aric Jorgan; Ashara Zavros; Blizz; Bowdaar; Broonmark; C2-N2; Corso Riggs; Dashade; Doc; Doctor Lokin; Elara. SWTOR Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Mission Guide. SWTOR. By Vulkk Last updated Sep 26, 2020. A Guide to the SWTOR Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Recruitment Mission that gives you an option to recruit (or not!) the Dashade Ak'ghal Usar

Recruiting Yuun will unlock most of the other companion recruitment alerts. This quest is rewarded with one Locked Supply Crate, 10 Common & 5 Glowing Data Crystals, one legendary gift of choice and gains Influence with Oggurobb and Yuun Ability View for operation.yavin_4.enemy.boss.companions.adds.mando.retarget_instan Post date. October 21, 2015. 537 Comments. on SWTOR Alliance Specialists and Companion Recruitment Guide. A guide to the Alliance Specialists system introduced with Knights of the Fallen Empire that allow you to recruit additional companions. [toc Yavin 4 (8 daily quests, 1 weekly) Ziost (dailies are after main story, 5 dailies, 1 daily weekly) SWTOR Companions Guide. SWTOR Solo Story Order Guide. SWTOR Daily Login Reward Guide. SWTOR World Boss Guide. What to do at Level 75 in SWTOR. SWTOR Space Missions Guide. SWTOR Valor Guide & Rewards . How to Level Slower in SWTOR - White Acute Module Guide. Legendary Player Status Guide.

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Sith Marauder Takes on Commadant Jenarian on Yavin 4 with Jaesa Willsaam.Please Subscribe 5 points · 4 years ago. Companions don't react at all to any choices in SOR. Even in the quests where you have to take a certain companion with you (Mako for the hunter's quest, Talos for the Inquisitor's), you do not gain influence with them. Some of the companions do comment as you traverse Rishi and Yavin 4

Companion Gifts and Influence Calculator. Enter your Legacy % Bonus (0, 10%, 20%, or 30%), current Influence Level (1-50), and current Influence (the amount in your current Influence bar) and this calculator will tell you how many gifts of each rank and type to buy to reach level 50 Influence with your companion. Companion Gifts Calculator Interactive world map of the planet Yavin 4 featuring codex locations (lore, bestiary, datacrons, champions) and more Doing the daily deeds on Yavin 4. Also solo-thwarting Revan's ambitious efforts, for the weekly companion goodies.This is viewed from the perspective of an i..

We'll first be reporting in to Darth Marr as Revan's plan is exposed, which will lead us to Yavin IV. Once there we'll begin scouting out the area and checki.. Yavin Station was an orbital space station above Yavin IV. It was built by the Galactic Republic around the time of the Great Sith War and abandoned shortly after. A Rodian inventor took up residence there after the facility was abandoned and modified existing designs with equipment he found in the station or smugglers and mercenaries brought in. Suvam Tan is the only NPC on Yavin Station, he. Companions are NPCs that accompany players during gameplay, the first being acquired while on the player's starting planet. Each class can unlock five unique companions over the course of the game in addition to a generic ship droid companion and two bonus companions which can be unlocked through missions. Companions provide commentary, combat support depending on their specialization, and. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Cancel. Confirm. Switch camera. Share.

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SWTOR Central is launching a new thing where they'll review your stronghold on the SWTOR Central Channel... and he invited me and a bunch of other youtubers. A gallery of Companion Customizations in the game. div. rokbox-caption div. rokbox-close div. itemimage td. tabcol a. th-q3 div. swtorbubble div. swtorbubble img div. first div. guideextende

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